Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch Company, Inc.

2023 Annual Meeting Minutes





JANUARY 23, 2023


 Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm at the Golden Age Center, 723 Main Street, Cañon City, CO by president Jimmy Madone.  Present were sec/treas. Kathryn Clarke, directors Joe Carochi, George Small, Kasey Cumbie, Pete Cooper, Tony Madone Jr., Tom Jordan, Judy Cowan Asst. Sec/Treas and ditch superintendent Les Meek.  36 shareholders were present at the meeting representing 744 shares.  Proxies received represented 268.3 shares.  This is a total of 1012.3 shares. Total shares on ditch are 3675.  One half plus 1 for quorum.  1839 shares are required for a quorum.

 President Jimmy Madone introduced the Board of Director’s.

 Minutes of the 2022 annual meeting were read.  Bill Uhland moved that minutes be accepted as read, Geri Collette seconded, motion passed.

 Treasurer’s report for 2022 was reviewed.  Kyle Horn moved it be accepted as read, Denny Stately seconded, motion passed. 


New Business

 Email option for sending annual invoices. If you’re interest in getting your invoice emailed to you please email

 President Jimmy Madone reported Board of Director’s drove the Ditch identifying problem areas, maintenance needs working up a work list. Assured shareholders the Board is here to help everyone get their water. The Board would appreciate anyone wishing to volunteer to help clear brush & small trees. Ditch’s liability insurance will cover volunteer workers up to $15,000 each person.

 Locust Street repair – application submitted for NRCS funds to help with cost/share. County will replace pipe under the road and repair the road, we will replace aprons on both sides of the pipe/road.

 During 2023, the Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch will be working with a contractor (Corriente Solutions, Blake Osborn) to digitally map our ditch infrastructure.  The contractor will be surveying the ditch. Please allow access to the Ditch infrastructure if requested. Contractors will have an approve ID card signed by the Crooked Ditch board for verification. More of the process is posted on the our website  (Use URL). Initially no cost to the Ditch.

 South Cañon Spillway project finished.  We will be responsible for paying 1/3 the cost

 As long as Pump Ditch has water running we will extend our watering days.  Shareholders encouraged to keep Ditch, screens, laterals cleaned.

 The Board is not raising assessments or changing watering days this year.

 River Call schedule will remain the same as past years. Email blasts will be sent as well as being on the website.

 The Board will make courtesy call on lateral problems. Support will be offered to help shareholders resolve the problem.

 Ditch Maintenance Report – Regular maintenance, weed removal & cleaning, pipe cleaning & patching, box cleaning, patching and debris removal, silt pond and headgate silt removal. Locust & Elm Leaks; County replacing pipe on southside, taking bids for apron build, intensive patching on northside under President’s instruction. Leaking box on Colorado Avenue will investigate and patch as needed. Ditch tour with Board of Director’s. List was made of immediate and long term projects. Place signs on high traffic areas of Ditch to designate easement. Deadfall removal from last spring’s storm, with tree removal planned. Leaking lateral on Park Avenue will see if valve is able to be repaired,. Replace outdated tools.

 Division 3 being cleaned first in case Pump Ditch turns water on early.

 Jimmy Madone moved dirt around silt pond.



 Kyle Horn – Consider raising assessments for long term success. Tony Madone Jr. is in favor of shareholders. Reason for volunteers to offset expense. Mr. Horn said shareholders have not had an increase for 15 years. Urges to seriously start looking into an increase.

 Tim Gaffney – Will NRCS accept volunteer work as part of cost share? Tony Madone Jr. says NRCS will have a formula.

 A shareholder asked if we have an estimate on 2023 maintenance costs. Tony Madone Jr. - After getting figures for NRCS projects will give us a good cost for repairs.

 Grape Creek ciphon in good shape.  South Cañon Ditch had a camera inside to inspect.

 John Mosher – Thanked us for the website.

 Email blast for volunteers & Ditch condition.

 Dale Davis – Ditch East of willow all dirt. Les doing a great job keeping willows out. Les wants to eventually pipe or concrete primitive ditch.

 President Jimmy Madone reports the Board is having more meetings through the year.

 8:00 pm Britt Colon moved meeting be adjourned, seconded by Geri Collette, motion passed.


                                                                         Incorporated January 5, 1891 by State of Colorado

                                                                        3675 Total Shares

                                                                        2022 shares forfeited 6

                                                                        2022 shares re-instated 11

                                                                        Company owns 199

                                                                        Serve 377 properties


                                                                        2023 Proxies received 268.3 shares

                                                                        Quorum 3675 divided in half 1837.5 + 1 = 1839 shares


Submitted by: 

Kathryn Clarke, Sec/Treas.