Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch Company, Inc.

Current Status



4/26/24:  Tentatively water will be turned into the ditch on Tuesday, April 30.  Thank you for your understanding.
Board of Directors


4/20/24:  We apologize for the delay in delivery of the ditch water. An unknown gas line is hindering us from getting the project finished. A plan to go around the gas line is underway.  We will notify you midweek when water will turn on.
To see pictures of the project, click on the "Projects" tab on the menu bar above.
Board of Directors


4/15/24:  There will not be any ditch water running this week. We are having 500 feet of pipe laid on Locust, due to unexpected problems the project is taking longer than planned. We will have a better idea where the project is on Friday and give you an update. We are hoping water will run on April 22, 2024.
Board of Directors


4/1/24:  Due to a problem on the Ditch, water is being delayed until around April 15, 2024.
Thank you,  Board of Directors


3/29/24:  Division One will have ditch water April 1, 2024. Normal watering schedule for the entire ditch thereafter.


3/9/2024:  It is time to be cleaning your laterals for the 2024 irrigation water season. Unless notified otherwise water will run April 15, 2024.



12/8/23:  The 2024 Annual Assessments have been mailed and emailed as of 12/8/23. If you did not receive your invoice please contact the Treasurer at 719-431-1355. Assessments are due no later than February 1, 2024.

10/20/23:  The LPCD water will be turned off October 26, 2023.

10/16/23:  Water will continue to flow on river call schedule until South Cañon Ditch shuts down, possibly November 1.
I received your invoice. We are having a board meeting 10/19 and will discuss your invoice and memo. I'll get back to you right after that.

9/24/23:  Effective today until the end of watering season we will be on the river call schedule.

We are not technically on river call, South Canon cannot pull enough water from the river to cover Pump Ditch and Crooked Ditch's decree, so we will run on river call schedule.

    Div 1 - 7:00 am Sunday to 7:00 am Monday
    Div 2 - 7:00 am Monday to 7:00 am Tuesday
    Div 3 North - (Grand & Elm) 7:00 am Tuesday to 7:00 am Wednesday
    Div 3 South - (Ash, Poplar, Cedar) 7:00 am Wednesday to 7:00 am Thursday
    (Pump Ditch days are 7:00 am Thursday through 7:00 am Sunday)       



8/24/23:  Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch is off of “river call”. Return to the regular watering schedule.



Lincoln Park Crook Ditch is on River Call, effective 8/19/23. The schedule for river call is as follows:

Pump Ditch days are 7:00A Thursday through 7:00A Sunday

George L. Small, Vice President
Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch


8/1/23:   3:00 pm - The problem was on South Canon Ditch, our Ditch Superintendent fix it and we are back to our regular scheduled water.
Thanks to John for fixing the problem so quickly.

8/1/23:   12:30 pm the LPCD has been shut down due to an emergency overflow. Must stop water to find the leak.
You will be notified when the regular schedule resumes.
Ditch Superintendent

6/21/23:  Division 3 has a major clog in the Ditch. Thursday 6/22 the pipe will be excavated and repair assessed. Possibly no water 6/23 & 24.

6/20/23:  The repair on the Ditch has been completed, water is running for Division 1 today 6/20 and will run as scheduled for Division 2.

6/12/23: Div 1 & 2 no water this week 6/12--15, Div 3 pending.
South Cañon turned water back to the river at 9th St. to clean up debris from the storm.

4/20/23:  The Board of Directors want to advise you that there is low water flow in the Ditch. Normal watering schedules are in effect.

4/14/23: The Ditch is off of River Call and back to normal schedule. Division 3 waters Friday & Saturday.

4/11/23:  The Water Commissioner has called for River Call.
River call begins at 12:00 noon today April 11th. The Board is trying to get everyone some water this week. Therefore, this is this week's schedule.

This weeks schedule is:
Tuesday Div 1 shuts off at 12:00 noon
Tuesday Div 2 turns on at 12:00 noon through 7:00 am Wednesday
Wednesday Div 3 N turns on 7:00 am Wednesday through 7:00 pm Wednesday
Wednesday Div 3 S turns on 7:00 pm through 7:00 am Thursday

The week of April 16th return to normal river call schedule.
River call until notified otherwise.

Board of Directors

River Call Schedule
This schedule begins April 16th until informed otherwise.
Division 1 – 7:00 am Sunday to 7:00 am Monday

Division 2 – 7:00 am Monday to 7:00 am Tuesday

Division 3 North (Grand & Elm) – 7:00 am Tuesday to 7:00 am Wednesday

Division 3 South (Ash, Poplar, Cedar) – 7:00 am Wednesday to 7:00 am Thursday

(Pump Ditch days are 7:00 am Thursday through 7:00 am Sunday)


3/31/23:   More work needs to be done on the Ditch before the water is turned on.
Tentatively April 8 & 9 will be the flush and regular watering schedule starts April 10th.


3/29/23:  Tentatively water will be turned on Monday, April 3rd.
First the ditch will be flushed and the Directors advise you not to run that water through your pumps. Also, make sure your laterals are cleaned and ready for water.