Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch Company, Inc.

Ditch Improvements

Repairs for 2011

The lateral on the north side of Park Ave that runs between the alley which is located east of Tyrolean St. and runs to Piscah St. is in need of repairs.  The pipe consists of old concrete  which is deteriorating and damaged.  The board of directors held two meeting to provide this information to shareholders on the lateral, the ditch company is not responsible for repairs to laterals.  Shareholders present at the meetings voted to repair the lateral and the Ditch Company will provide the contractor to do the work.  The contractor has estimated the work to cost $3700.00  The shareholders will pay $36.00 per share to do the repairs which will cover the costs of the repairs.  Letters regarding the repairs and bills for this assessments will be mailed June1 to all concerned shareholders. Payments are due July 1, 2011.  Shareholders will be charged $10.00 per month if not paid by July 1 and may loose use of water if not paid.

Repairs have been completed for the replacement of pipe from Ridgewood to Garfield.  No other repairs are planned for this year at this time. 


Repairs planned at this time for 2010

Install pipe in the open ditch on Grand Ave.  Includes two ditch boxes and hauling of dirt for the back fill.


The following repairs were completed in 2009


The ditch company has purchased a truck for use by the ditch superintendent.  This was a necessary expenditure to prevent costs for the superintendent which are the responsibility of the ditch company.  Costs  include insurance, title, and license plates. 

The Colorado Supreme Court has issued a determination that irrigation ditch companies are not responsible for seepage, according to Court determination of Middlekamp v. Bessemer Irr. Ditch Co., 1909,103 P. 280, 46 Colo. 102.