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Incorporated in 1891, Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch Company is a non-profit Colorado mutual ditch company, providing irrigation water to a 500-acre service area in Lincoln Park, immediately south and adjacent to Canon City, in unincorporated Fremont County.

Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch diverts water from the Arkansas River through the South Canon Ditch, and travels about three miles to the Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch Company headgate, located in the northwest area of Lincoln Park. Diverting an average of 1,850 acre feet annually, the system has several branches totaling 62,220 linear feet or about 11.8 miles in length.

We currently have 378 properties and 3,675 shares of stock. The irrigated acreage in the service area is primarily residential lawns and gardens, hobby farms and pastures. Typical lot and tract sizes are 0.25 to 5+ acres.


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Please Note:  The Board is requesting volunteers to form a Temporary Financial Committee to review our financial condition and ensure future financial stability. Review/update reinstatement scale? Lease/buy/repair vehicle? Employee compensation etc.



Hold the waters in the hands of the people."

                    --John Wesley Powell 1890