Lincoln Park Crooked Ditch Company, Inc.

Current Status


10/10/19:  Water will be shut off early on October 15, 2019.

10/1/19:  River Call October 1, 2019 through ditch shut off date October 15, 2019.  Water regular schedule but be aware that water quantity will be lower.  Work with neighbors so all get some water. Ditch shut off date is October 15, 2019.

9/11/19:  3:00 pm Repairs are finished water is being turned into lateral.

9/10/19:  Division 2 will not have water on 9/11/19 due to Black Hills Energy digging up a large lateral pipe on Ash.  Ditch Superintendent will turn the water on as soon as the lateral is repaired.

4/16/19:  Water will not be turned on in our ditch until possibly April 22nd.  Keep checking for updates

4/12/19:  South Canon Ditch (where we get our water) is doing a repair on April 15 and we will only have about a half ditch of water for a couple days, enough to wash debris out of the ditch.  Possibly full ditch by Wednesday the 17th. 

4/4/19:  April 15, 2019 Crooked Ditch will be turned on. Time to clean your laterals and ready your pumps. Ditch Superintendent recommends letting the water run through your laterals for a couple days allowing loose debris to wash out before running through your pumps.  



10/5/18:  The Ditch will be shut down October 15, 2018.  It has been a rough summer with the drought we appreciate everyone's cooperation.

8/14/18:  We are still on River Call which was effective 8/2/18, and will continue until further notice.

8/1/18:  Effective 8/2/18 7:00 am on River Call please follow River Call schedule until further notice.

8/1/18:  Effective 8/1/18 10:00 am we have returned to regular watering schedule.  Water still has a lot of mud and debris so use laterals and pumps at your discretion

7/25/18 Ditch is shut down due to excess debris and damage to South Cañon Ditch (where we get our water).  Will post on website when Ditch is back on.

7/23/18:  River Call is off effective July 24, 2018 7:00 am.  Resume normal watering days.  This is temporary so continue to watch website for updates.

5/2/18:  The Board of Director's is saddened that long term Ditch Rider and Board Member Bob Hudson passed away April 5, 2018. He will be greatly missed.

4/19/18:  The ditch will be shut off 4/20 Friday through midday 4/22 Sunday due to necessary repair on South Canyon Ditch (where we get our water).


3/23/18:  The ditch will be turned on April 15, 2018.  Ditch Superintendent says now is the time to be cleaning your laterals also recommends NOT using the water the first day it is in the ditch as it will have debris in it.